Woohoo, been ages since i last blogged!!Hahas, now in the midst of a busy season now, with readings, assignments to catch up!But a definitely enjoyable season!!

Hahas, din really noe what to blog about, but well, there are surely some exciting events that happened these few weeks!!:D

First up, the BBQ outing with my SOT team during labour day!!:D

Alrights, they were all saying most of the photos that I am in shown me to be very involved in food, wonder who took all those photos!!:S

Team 21 group photo!!Finally able to see each other not in church or during breaks in lessons. A good time to enjoy each other presence and chit chat without the feeling of impending assignments and lessons!!:D afterwards went over to ron's house to fellowship!!"D

Next up, CG meeting and fellowship!!:D

Notice the difference in Maria in both photos?Credits to Marcus for his wonderful photoshop skills!!:D

Lastly, CSS choir com meet up at Bakerzin!!:D

Was telling one of my friend recently that whenever I am very busy, I will tend to 'isolate' myself from meet ups with friends, which is a very big weakness of me!!So now trying to discipline myself to fellowship with friends more often even in the midst of busyness, cos friends are important part of my life too!!:D

9:44 PM
Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wondeful Easter Experience:D
The past 2 days of Easter Weekend has really been great and memorable, and every year the drama never fails to amazed and surprised me. And what's more, really happy that the cell group attendence broke through our targets and invited alot of friends too!!:D well that's the hard work of everybody!!:D

Every year since 2003, whenever i watched the easter drama, the part where it neevr fails to bring me to tears is when they depict the scene of Jesus being whipped and crucified by the roman soldiers. The familiar song alongside with the familiar scene where Jesus would walk through the whole hall, being mocked by the 'onlookers', whipped by the Roman soldiers, and when the nailing of hands accompained with the loud thumping, my heart would always shook not with fear, but with pain for Jesus.

If u read in the bible, when Jesus was mocked when hung on the cross, the Pharisees and people who opposed Him asked Him to come down from the cross if He is really the Son of God since He will have the power to do that, and when i was a young christian, i always wondered how come Jesus did not come down and allow the mockery to happen. Yet after some years, i realised that Jesus did not come down so as to achieve His purpose in coming down to earth, to save the sins of mankind so that we can restore our relationship with God. If at that point of time, He did come down from the cross, then the orginal purpose would not be achieved.

But what touched me the most every easter is the unconditional love that Jesus had given me, by dying on the cross, suffering the most cruel punishment that anyone can ever received though i am un-deserving of it. That's is why Jesus commanded us to love the people just as how He loved us. Alot of times, we find so hard to love people that we do not like, yet, unconditional love is the greatest love that anyone can give, in spite of all, loving the person still and willing to forgive him.

On a side note, SOT is really amazing, don noe how to put it in words, but it has really shaped my habits, my mindset and of cos, gaining much more knowledge in a week than i can ever could!!and presenting the best team in SOT, team 21!!:D

And praise God!!went for the BV SOT audition on wednesday and i got in!!:D So this week will be learning from the BVs some stuff!!:D and by the grace of God, i have been scheduled to go for the audition of the church BV ministry!!Well, kinda stressed up right now cos apparently the audition is gonna be held either this week or next week, and hopes i reali can get in!!So do pray for me guys!!:D

Hahas, have a blessed week people!!:D:D

11:45 PM
Sunday, April 12, 2009

SOT has been really great and impactful so far!!:D Been on foundation truths 2, mainly focusing on the aspect of the Holy Spirit, and though last time i had already attended the lessons, but as i begin to go through once again this week, new revelations and encounters started pouring in during the lessons and back home as i was revising through the lessons once again. Wonderful time of praise and worship everyday before the lesson and everyday, all of us receieved a fresh new touch of the Holy Spirit. Finally understand what the verse in 2Cor3:17, where it says, 'where the Spirit is, there is liberty'. In the presence of God, there is no low self-esteem, no unconfidence, no anger, no worries, yet always a sense of love, peacefulness and acceptance:D

Anyway, had really a good fellowship with the cell group just now at changi airport popeye chicken. Always enjoyed this part of the week, cause we will keep each other in updates on what is going in our lives, encouraging one another to keep on moving on, and thinking of ways to help those who are in need. It's always good to see people lives being changed, esp this is so as one of the primary purpose why a cell group exists; we are a big family, coming from different background, yet being able to be together in love. And i am encouraged by some members who really took the intiative and rise up, contributing to the cell group and looking for ways to bless other people and impact each other's lives too.

Fruitful day it is!!:D

12:44 AM
Sunday, April 5, 2009

SOT 2009:D
Today marks a very significant and important day in my life, start of SOT!!:D To me, it's really like a dream come true, cos i hac nv imagine i will be able to afford the time and finances to go for this course, but God is always good, and He always like to help people achieve their dreams, so praise God:D:D

Today is so call the orientation day, but the morning is already very impactful as we have a morning session with Pst Phil. The sermons preached were really amazing and eye-opening, through the whole 4 hrs, i have learnt that the most effective way to learn something is really to teach it. And there is a need for me to set an example first so that people will be willing to follow me.

And i was thinking when back home wad are the things that i really need to set an example and one of the most practical area is punctuality. Like wad Pst Bobby says, coming to SOT is about making disciples and being a disciple, requires one to lead by discipline, not by emotions or circumstances. And i tot since i live nearer than my team mates, it will be good for me to culitvate a disciplined life style by coming much earlier, getting ready and at the same time, book seats for them too. And i tink being punctual in daily lives like meeting frens, cgm, service is also a habit that i need to culitvate and be disciplined in.

Also, the fun part kicks in when we were gathered into our sot team and told to put up a drama with the theme testimony and about the movie x men. Well, we got the grand champ for the whole orientation for our drama and cheer. Cant believe it, but this really got me real excited for the greater things that is to come in the next 5 months. Got attritubues voucher, just in time to buy my bs books too.

Well, photos will be up soon, hope zoe can provide it:D:D But starting to love my sot team and spending the remaining 5 wonderful months with them!!:D

11:09 PM
Monday, March 30, 2009

A Telephone That Can Talk??!!:D

Telephone Talking - The Real Group

Hahas current song that TTBB is learning rite now, Telephone Talking by The Real Group.

Super nice song, but difficult to learn also, alot of 7th chords and this is the one of the rare times singing bass parts for so long that i got such difficult bass parts, and that's thanks to zhirui for arranging and scoring the scores:D:D

SOT starting in less than a week time, super excited for it:D:D

11:24 AM
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Purpose of Conflict?:D
This few days, i have been thinking about what good is there, if two parties are involved in a conflict, yet both want to make their stands and ensure that they win, but in the end, both will end up as losers, neither are winners, but instead, the relationship turn sour as a result.

It's always true that our human reaction when faced with an agrument, is to return back the 'favour' and bullzoze our way to win the agrument. When i was small, i always got the tendency to shout back at my parents, agrue back with my friends, quarrel with my brothers and ensure that i will end up the winner no matter what, but as i grow up, i realise that this kind of process is so tiring.

Why is it better to be a giver than a taker?A taker will ensure that all the things that he is doing will benefit him and only him and will go to whatever it takes to achieve what he wanted. Yet as u think about it, won't he be so tired?Always worrying about everything; worried that he might not get what he want; worried that people will take advantage of him; worried when he need to take action again in order to gain back what he had lost.

But a giver has no worries for him nor to the people he is giving. Yet to him, giving is always a pleasure, a lifestyle that he upkeeps and no matter what happens, others benefits comes above his, and he gains satisfaction in being a blessing to others.

It's true we find it hard to forgive or even love ppl who have hurt us or disappoint us in one way or another, yet, in the bible it says in Matthew 5, even the unchurch also know how to love the people that he likes. So if we do the same, what difference are we from them?Jesus words to us are that we need to love our neighbours and our ENEMIES, loving them, praying for them, forgiving them and even going the extra mile to love them. And that is the unconditional love that we have from God, and we in turn need to share it with others.

Merely just obeying the commandment is never enuf, we do not do it just for the sake of doing it, but obedience is an act of submission, and that means you obey it out of reverence for God but u also make it as a lifestyle in order to be a blessing to others.

I do admit that sometimes i feel very frustrated and angry at a particular person that i feel like 'strangling' him, yet, after so many experiences of anger outbursts, i realise the best way to live out what God has told us to do is to really lift the person up in prayers. The more this person has irritated me, the more i pray for him and committ him to God and after that, i asked God for the dose of compassion so that i can be like Him, willing to love and forgive everybody regardless of the things that they have done to us.

Forigveness is always unconditional, and it's always love that can touched a person life and make their dreams soar again. To people right now, it may seem that i am a weakling by not fighting back and pushing my way through, but if that is so, what are those prisoners, deliquents, drug abusers who have turn over a new leaf as a result of the constant love and perversverence that is shared to them despite of their ungrateful attitudes last time?

Now it may seem as a weakling, but as we begin to take a step back and look at the great picutre, we will know that by being meek, loving and forgiving, we will end up being the ones who are able to impact the lives of people out there who are desperately in need of love and forgiveness. So why not?Instead of acting the usual way we are, why not discipline ourselves to be the ones that God has intended us to be?Though it never easy, but if we are not weary while doing good, God will bring the harvests in due season.

1:31 AM
Monday, March 23, 2009

Kuan Rong Arranged:D

Kuan Rong Final.mp3 -

Hahas finally, de wei has arranged the draft of the song i arranged!!:D he is really awesome, rushing it in a matter of 3 days!!wahahas:D:D and he did it all along in his little studio room ahhaas thanks much!!:D


站在十字岔路口, 我已一无所有,
眼眶里的泪水, 早已漠糊视线。
孤独的我, 黑暗的星空。

想起当年的时候, 犯过太多过错,
第二次机会, 是那么遥远。

宽容无条件的爱, 多么渴望拥有它,
投进爱的境岭, 让我生命有了署光,

宽容无条件的爱, 多么渴望拥有它,
让我, 找到一丝希望。

hahas niwae, excited for the supreme court open hse exhibition wif w325 tml!!:D:D always nv get tired of seeing them:D:D and to nat, though u may not reading this, but hope u r coping well with the training, will be praying for u too!!:D:D

1:39 AM
Sunday, March 15, 2009


Royston Tan
31st Oct 1988
Shuqun Pri, CSS, NJC, CHC, w325:D:D


Taylor 414ce
My electronic drum set
Music and guitars!!:D
And my dearest w325:D:D





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